The People

Hilton Becker
Systems and Technical

Justin Becker
Design and Quality Control

Ephraim Madondo
Application Development

Tinashe Muzenda
Web Development and Content Management

Advance Ngwarati
Web and Application Development and Support

Handry Kanda
Web and Application Development (Internship)

Why we get up in the morning

We are here to grow and build Africa and in particular our home Zimbabwe through tech innovations, using the 3 spheres of Websites, Applications and Design, coupled with the theory of the 3 Degrees of influence which states that we influence our friends, who in their turn influence their friends, meaning that our actions can influence people we have never met.

Where have we been

We have been providing web applications and graphic design in Zimbabwe since 2009, but our website experience spans as far back as 2005. We have built up a solid client base and a respectable portfolio which includes over 100 clients both local and international. 

Where are we going

We aim to be the leading application and ecommerce software provider. Building software that is practical for the African market and in particular the unique Zimbabwe economic landscape.

3 Degrees is a brand of Becker & Becker (Pvt) Ltd which was incorporated in Zimbabwe in 2012.